Sunday, November 23, 2008

My First Birthday Present! LOVE it so much!!!! =)

6th of December is my actual birthday. But i've got my FIRST birthday present today! hehe..

Today, a whole day went out with my darling.
We had been to GreenBox Karaoke, Sg.Wang, GSCinema, Times Square, Tepanyaki, Ah Yip Leng Tong, Low Yat Plaza, and more!!! . hehe..

After we finished the karaoke session, my darling brought me to somewhere and bought me a ring!!! (a pair, for both of us) hehe... I was really really surprise and glad! :)

Lets see........

this is my lovely present.... =)

my ugly hand.. but the ring is nice..! hehe

Wahahhahah.... love it so much! :)

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~LeuMaS~ said...

wow~ how i wish my love one can give me such a sweet thingz too