Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wow! I'm back again! =)

It's been a long time huh..~ ^^

From the last blog until now.. already more than a month, i guess! :)
Just in a month times. I've gone through sadness, happiness, been betrayed, and lotssssss!

But, I AM still ME ! Marcus is still here~!!! hehe!!~
Let's SEE what was happend in the past whole month!! *wink*
28th Feb. 2009 (Sat)
Afternoon - Bored till had fun with Bryan C. and Melvin
@ Melvin's Semi-D, Sri Hartamas
27th Feb. 2009 (Fri)
(Not feeling Well today... :-( )
Dinner with Shan, Freda, Alby and... Colin
@ Nathan's, OUG.

26th Feb. 2009 (Thurs)
Noon - Shopping, Manicure/Pedicure, and Lunch with Nai Nai and Shan
@ Bangsar
Shopping and Light Lunch with Nai Nai and Shan
@ Delicious, Mid Valley
**I Like This Pic!! hehe~ **
Evening - Hair Wash, Cut, and Treatment
@ Brian's Saloon, Kepong
Dinner - With Nai Nai and Shan
@ Old Town Kopitiam, Kepong.
24th Feb. 2009 (Tues)
Dinner - Steamboat with Sis
@ Yuen, Sunway
After dinner - Went to Maxis Center with Nai Nai
@ Sunway Pyramid
Supper - With Alby, Nai Nai, Freda, Edmund, and Wan Wah
@ Nathan's, OUG
After Supper (Mid-Night) - Went to Beach with Nai Nai and Freda
@ Sepang GoldCoast
--- Non-stop ---
Morning (About 4:30am) - Breakfast Dim Sum with Nai Nai and Freda
@ Dai Ka Seng Dim Sum, Seri Petaling
23rd Feb. 2009 (Mon)
Afternoon - Lunch with Kah Yan and David
@ Madam Wong, Sungei Wang.
Dinner with Kah Yan
@ Old Town Kopitiam, Cheras.
Supper with Nai Nai
@ Steven Corner, Pandan Indah.

22nd Feb. 2009 (Sun)
Supper with Michelle, Shan, and Freda
@ Nathan's, OUG.
After Supper - Pillow Talk with Michelle and Freda
@ Michelle's Paradise

21st Feb. 2009 (Sat)
Late Night - Clubbin with Nai Nai, Michelle, Alby, Kian Thong, Freda, Kah Yan, Bryan, Freda, Stephanie, Jess, and Ernest Wan.
@ Space, KL.
Supper with the same whole gang
@ Petaling Street
20th Feb. 2009 (Fri)
High-Tea with Nai Nai
@ Old Town Kopitiam, Seri Kembangan.
Late Night - Karaoke and Drinks with Danny
@ Green Box, Cheras Selatan and Cheras Perdana
After Drinks with Danny - (About 430am)
Back to Shooting Studio
@ TV3/8TV Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama
-- Non-Stop ---
Breakfast (About 9am) with Asst.Director, Actors, Actress and Crews
@ One World Hotel, Bandar Utama

18th Feb. 2009 (Wed)
Afternoon - Hair Wash with Nai Nai
@ Brian's Saloon, Kepong.
Evening - Michelle's House with Nai Nai, Shan, and Freda
Dinner with Nai Nai, Michelle, Shan, Freda and Pau
@ Green Valley Restaurant, Seri Petaling.

17th Feb. 2009 (Tues)

Morning/Afternoon - Movie and Shopping with Oliver
@ One Utama

Lunch with Oliver
@ Delicious, One Utama
Dinner with Nai Nai
@ Delicious, Bangsar

Body Massage with Nai Nai
@ Bangsar

16th Feb. 2009 (Mon)
Fun with Daniel, Jack, Dennis, and Kenny
@ Daniel's Condo, Sri Hartamas

15th Feb. 2009 (Sun)

Afternoon - Shopping with Nai Nai
@ Bangsar

Dinner with Nai Nai
@ Banana Leaf, Bangsar

Late Night - Clubbin with Nai Nai, Fai, and Josh
@ Quattro, Avenue K

14th Feb. 2009 (Sat)

Happy Valentine's Day! =)

Got 5-7 people asked me out. (Maybe they know that i'm Single?? lol..)
But, i've decided to stay at home. ! Sorry~ hehe... =)

13th Feb. 2009 (Fri)

Afternoon -
Shopping and Lunch with Nai Nai
@ Shushi Zan Mai, The Gardens.

Dinner/Drinks with Nai Nai
@ Delicious, Mid Valley.

Late Night -
Meet with BB
@ Puchong

12th Feb. 2009 (Thurs)

Lunch with Nai Nai
@ Xiao Xiu Ting Cafe, Seri Kembangan.

11th Feb. 2009 (Wed)

Morning - Back to my college And taken breakfast alone
@ Old Town, Cheras.

Afternoon - Lunch and Shopping with Nai Nai
@ Coffee Bean, Pavilion.

Dinner with Nai Nai
@ Yau Yat Chun, Sg Wang, KL.

10th Feb. 2009 (Tues)
(Kian Thong's Birthday! '' Happy Birthday! '' )

Thought of i could finally take a good rest home... but, at the middle way of dreams.. i think it was about 2am.. Got a called from the malay director. Asked me to be back to the shooting studio (@ Bandar Utama) in 30mins! I was like Oh my god!

The meeting and the small casting was taken about 2 hours to finished.
And i didn't get the role at last. Swtt............ =.='' (coz it's a Malay Drama, and the director said my Malay is not as fluent as others. So, my name will be putting in the wait-call-list.) Swtt.... hehe

9th Feb. 2009 (Mon)

Wash Car with Nai Nai
@ My Place

Supper with Pau
@ Old Town Kopitiam, Cheras

8th Feb. 2009 (Sun)

Supper with Nai Nai
@ Serdang

After supper -
Mahjong/Gin Rummy with Michelle, Kian Thong, BB and Freda
@ Michelle's place
--- Non-Stop ---
Breakfast (About 6am) with Michelle, BB, Kian Thong, and Freda
@ Poon Kei Dim Sum, Seri Petaling

7th Feb. 2009 (Sat)

Clubbin with Jeff and the rest
@ KL

6th Feb. 2009 (Fri)

Lunch with Nai Nai
@ Xiao Xiu Ting, Seri Kembangan.

5th Feb. 2009 (Thurs)

Dinner with Nai Nai - Taken Famous Satay =)
@ Salak South Garden

Night Out Drinks with Jeff, Sam, Mich, and Wen Jun
@ Republic, Sunway.

4th Feb. 2009 (Wed)
Movie with Oliver
@ Mid Valley Megamall

At night - Dinner with Nai Nai
@ Black Canyon, Center Point Damansara

Mid-Night - Karaoke with Nai Nai, Josh, and Eric
@ Neway, Cheras.

3rd Feb. 2009 (Tues)

My Bro's (Michael) 12th Birthday =)
Bro's birthday celebration with family
@ MilWauKee Steak Corner

Got my hair-do
@ Brian's Saloon with Oliver
Supper with Nai Nai (a.k.a. My Best Sis)
@ Serdang

2nd Feb. 2009 (Mon)

Shopping and Movie with Jeff
@ Mid Valley & The Gardens
At night dinner with Jeff - Taken steak
@ Saga Hill

1st Feb. 2009 (Sun)

Movie and Lunch with Oliver (a.k.a My Cousin)
@ Mid Valley and The Gardens

After lunch with Oliver -
Shopping with Nai Nai
@ Pavilion

Dinner (Raw Fish/Lou Sang) with Nai Nai and Pau
@ Quan Yi La Mian, PJ SS2.

31st Jan. 2009 (Sat)

CNY PhotoShoot with pals
@ Shan's Paradise lol

At late night - Clubbin with BB, Isaac, Ernest, Freda, and Ferlyn
@ M.O.S, Sunway.

This CNY 2009.. nothing special. (i think)
28th Jan - 30th Jan. 2009 (Wed-Fri)

Been to Lumut/Pangkor Island with family and Lam Tuck Weng's family.