Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcoming the new year of 2009!

Tomorrow will be the last day in 2008! The time passing by so so so so DAMN FAST! Wrinkles~ Oppss! =)

The last day...how would it be?? Parties?? Or..... just a normal gathering to welcome the brand new year?

For me, how could i welcoming the new year without celebration???!!!!!
OH yea! IT'S PARTY TIME!!! :)

For the past celebration, the Christmas eve, it was great for me! =)
And one thing about that night,... i was busy to go in and out to buy all the stuff and have to help to make drinks, foods, and others! Till i couldn't got enough time to get myself change! Aiks! :P

Let's see some of the pictures on that holy night...

(Before the dinner) This is the main table..

Before the dinner starts...

2nd table..
3rd table...
Colorful balls... lol...
Our cacat's Christmas Tree.. hehe
We're the poser!!!! HAHA

i like this pic!! (From left, Michelle, i, Shan, Alby, & Freda)

(From left, Collin, Alby, i, Pau, Nicholas, Galvin (GreenShirt), Edmund.)

Mich and i...

Swt~ Drama kings and queens.....! :)
Oppss! =)

Besides that.... i got my Christmas Presents!!!!!!!!!! haha!!
This is the one that i love the most...
(i love others too! it's just that it's from someone special.. hehe)

Let's take a look!! hehe...

Cute? haha.. i named it ''DD'' ! :)

Little DD...
Posing with DD.... :)
Okay! that's all at the moment.. more to come and looking forward how would my new year eve's celebration gonna be? hehe.. Would ''YOU'' be here with me? hehe
Wait and see.....
P/S: Happy New Year to Everyone! =)

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