Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So So Day~

Actually reading other people's blogs are quite interesting for me!
Just finished reading one of my friend's blog. i was curious what would he write in his blog?? and i don't even knw that HE HAS A BLOG! lol....

The last contents that i saw was about 'Friend Relationship' ! Seems like everyone is using the so called 'indirectly' way to release their dissatisfaction! So am i... hehe..

For me, friends are actually the best companian. But you have to act smart all the time!! Because not everyone could be trusted. Some will be soooo good to you, it's because they wanted something from you! And some will be good to you, it's because they are really wanted to be good to you. LOL... :P

Anyway, if your friends are back-stabbers... emm... what to do? there's nothing that we could prevent! Right? Just be yourself and let third part to be judge.

Besides yourself, your TRUTH friend(s) is/are actually the person who know you well. Coz certain things that you couldn't see by yourself. But them. :)

That's just a small part of my point of view about friends...
Damn tired and sleepy.... want to sleep now......

By the way, my friends.. wish you guys luck!! hehe...

Good Night~

p/s: the ways for me to conquer about those troubles of Friend Relationship are.............. NOT TO THINK SO MUCH! JUST BE MYSELF ! IF THEY DON'T LIKE ME.... JUST F**K OFF!!!!! And be Happy~ That's me! hehe :)

and i will try to think other happy things... like....... this!!

PARIS !!!! i'm coming soon! hehe..... :)

Nite nite~ ^^


~LeuMaS~ said...

hmm...i told u b4~ u have to choose frnz tat really treats u well~ but not those who jst WANT something frm u
PAris? haha~ dun forget abt me o

Marcus ELLE said...

of course! hehe... =)