Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My life as a free-lancer! ;)

Oh gosh! Have to go travel again! (Travel = Money)
Luckily this time is just Singapore. :))

Back from Taiwan and Bangkok last month. And actually made me broke. Sighs..
Luckily again that those jobs are keep coming to me! Events (Nike, Coca-Cola, Sony FIFA World Cup, Heineken, and etc), 'Marks and Spencer' Photo Test Shoot, 'Cuti-Cuti Raya' Test Shoot, 'MOT' Cast Video, '100Plus' TV Commercial, Magazine Anniversary Parties, and a few TVC castings. Sometimes i really do think that me, myself is a lucky person. (Happy go lucky~) Hehe.. ;))

So, no worries for the coming trips! (Singapore in Oct, Bali in Nov, and South Korea in early of December for my birthday!, Hong Kong in end of Dec for Christmas, ShangHai in Feb 2010 for Chinese New Year, Tokyo in May/June 2010, and REST!)
**Matta fair help me to save a lot! haha

Also, coming items are up to shop and is a MUST to grab~!!!
- iPhone 3GS, 2008 Limited Edition Gucci Sling Bag, ZARA's pvc jacket, skinny jeans, SHOES, shirts, shorts, and so much more!! Enjoy the ''Shop till drop'' feelings again! haha! :))

I LOVE MY JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

But one thing!! My job as an air-steward! This is so bothering me! and actually make me confused. Sighs.......
Because of this, i've actually started to put on my weight, and go gym oftenly. But in the mean time, i'm taking protein. So, my skin isn't that good. Therefore, i always have to put on some light make-up and do Facials! Sighs..!! Self-esteem............LOW!!!

Anyhow, i still have to make up my mind whether i want to further studies in Taiwan or get my ass on the flying journey!!

This is really something that i have to seriously think about!

Honey!!!! Don't stay in LA and Vancouver too long!! Come back and help your babe to make this tough decision!! :((

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