Monday, July 6, 2009

It's been a while. Many of the little things has gone missing so far. But it all are back!
Here are some of the highlights of what i have been doing all these while!

Looking back at those pictures is the best way for me to recall everything! ;)

On 14.June.2009 (Sunday - It was the next day after i came back from Vietnam)
- Daddy's Day Celebration @ Felda Residence Hot Springs and Spa -
My family was celebrated Father's day one week earlier than the actual day.
We were heading to this called, Felda Residence Hot Springs, which located in Sungkai, Perak (i guess) hehe.

Here are some of the picture recaps of the Private Outdoor Jacuzzi:-

It cost only 70MYR/room! (Isn't it cheap? haha!)

On 18.June.2009 (Thursday)
- 'NewMan' Magazine's 6th Anniversary Party @ Mist Club, Bangsar -
The event was strictly by invitation only.
Many of the local artists, VJs, DJs and more of the fabulous people in the town were there! Of course my long time friend - Joey G, he was the Host for the event.
That day i felt like i was just a tiny people there. LOL! :p
But, thanks to NewMan for the invitation.
I was fabulous thou~! LMAO! :D
(I'm still waiting for the media photos)

Here is one of the phone snap:-

And then was on 21.June.2009 (Sunday)
- Jeffrey's birthday @ Hakka Restaurant, Bukit Bintang -
Jeffrey, one of my best and special friend, ever.
We were celebrating his birthday at a Hakka Restaurant, as one of our best friend - Oran from London suggested that.
The guests of the night at the Hakka Restaurant was.. Me, Oran, Bill, Matt, Warren, and Joseph.

Here is the photo.

Front from left: Joseph, Jeffrey, Me, and Matt.
Back from left: Bill, Warren, and Oran.

We have been to a club after the dinner. And keep the celebration goin' on non-stop with more friends coming in! Karen, Vivian, Vincent, Joshua, and more. And made the party happened.
About everything or anything happened on the club is P&C! haha! (That's the way to let people try to use their imagination to think how wild we could be on the club! haha!)
We ended up headed home at 3am. While Me and Matt been to this mamak stall nearby his place for a light supper.

Here he is... (He likes Soya Bean! A LOT!! lol)

And this is the most recent one.
On 3.July.2009 (Friday) until 5.July.2009 (Sunday)
- Oran's Big 50th Birthday Celebration @ Penang Island -
Oran, a close friend of mine. He's from London, UK.
And this time, is Oran's turn to celebrates his birthday after Jeffrey's.
We got about 30 people around the world gathered in one place for the celebration! Such as, Oran's comrades from UK, US, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, Ireland, and Malaysia. =)
Oran has booked 4 of the presidential suites and several honeymoon suites for 30 people. Of course Jeffrey will be my roommate this time. So, me and Jeffrey were staying together with Oran and Bill in the biggest presidential suite. Yes! Only 4 of us! haha! :D
The biggest presidential suite is on the top floor (38th floor) with unblocked seaview around! And in the suite includes, two bed-rooms with private jacuzzi, and a private sauna in the master bed room. :) Also, two living rooms, one bartender, one long rest bed, one 43'' TV, two 29'' TV for both rooms, and so much more!!! hahaha! :D
The whole main thing started with jumping into the pool ! And followed by Jacuzzi, Sauna and a hot shower! What a day!!! haha! We have gathered at 8pm for our dinner. We have been to a big foodcourt. But, the taste of the food wasn't that good. hehe.. Maybe i'm just picky! :p
And the first party starts at 11pm! With all the people joined together in Oran's siute. 'Cause it's the main room for parties! haha! For your information, Oran is also a Dj in the club!! But, the first night of the celebration began with the club music by Bradley (Oran's comrade from UK). In the meantime, Oran was given such a touching speeches and an amazing cake was presented before the party started.
The party was awesome and the crowd went absolutely crazy!! And it eventually ended up in the wee small hours!
After the first night, some of us took some time off party at the pool side for recovery. Apart from sunbathing, some candid yet meaningful conversation were exchanged at the lazy afternoon. :)
And then dinner, party and so on. It all repeat just one more time!!!! And the 2nd night of the party was absolutely gone WILD! (Can't you imagine i was taking off my pants in front of everyone? lol) This time, ended up at 11am! yes! It was 11am on the next day! Which mean Sunday! haha~! We are just a group of Party Animals! Yeah~ ! *wink*
After a few hours sleep, got my luggage packed and head back to KL.

Here are some of the picture recaps!

*Bartender (With full of Audio Set, Lap Tops, Spinning Set and etc)*

*Living Room 1 (After Party)*

*Living Room 1 (After Party) with seaview*

*Living Room 2 (a.k.a Smoking Area) hehe*

*Long Rest Bed (With unblocked City and Seaview)*

*Wash Room in Master Bed Room (With private jacuzzi and sauna)*

*Jacuzzi in 2nd Room (a.k.a My room)*
- inside the picture: My best friend, visited me in Penang-

*At the pool side (with Matt)*

*In our room (With Jeffrey)*

*Oran posing for the camera! hehe*


That's all at the moment.. There will be more to come! Ciao!! *wink*

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